SY 24-25 Bus Passes

To ensure that the bus routes are efficient and not overcrowded, the transportation department will not be accepting bus passes for the first 2 weeks of the upcoming school year. 

We do understand that some students go to permanent childcare (for example) Angels at Play Daycare or the Greenhouse for the mornings and afternoons. 

 A Permanent Child Care Request Form will need to be completed in person at your child’s school by July 11th. This form will require a parents signature and cannot be completed by the school. 

 Any forms submitted after the July 11th deadline, will be put on a waiting list in the order in which they were received. They will not be routed until after the first 2 weeks of school (assuming the bus is not overcrowded). 

If you have any questions, please contact the transportation department (804) 469-4680.

Thank you!