Contact Information

Christina Bain, School Counselor

Mrs. Bain is the full-time counselor at Sutherland.  Mrs. Bain started at Sutherland in 2021 and has been a School Counselor in the elementary setting since 2013.  She earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Longwood University.  

The school counseling program is a fundamental part of the school setting at Sutherland Elementary School.  At Sutherland, we believe that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has a positive impact on healthy relationships, academic performance, and mental wellness.  SEL helps to promote a school environment that is caring and inclusive for our young people.  

The school counselor provides support to students through the following programs and services:

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom guidance lessons are a very important part of the school setting.  The lessons allow for the counselor to reach students in an effective and time efficient manner. All students participate in classroom guidance lessons once a month.  During this time, students participate in both whole group and small group learning activities to address a variety of social and emotional needs.  Classroom guidance topics include, but are not limited to: responsibility, honesty, empathy/compassion, perseverance, self-discipline/integrity, bullying, anger management, careers, etc.

Small Group Counseling

Small group counseling consists of several students, facilitated by the counselor, who are facing normal developmental issues. The small group setting serves as a way for students to talk about feelings and concerns with other children who have similar needs.  Small group topics include, but are not limited to: friendship and social skills, self-esteem, anger management, etc.

Each session is approximately 30 minutes and takes place once a week over 6-8 weeks. Group times are coordinated with classroom teachers so as to disrupt as little instructional time as possible. 

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to all students in need. A request for individual counseling may be made by a parent, teacher, administrator or student. Students are able to express concerns in a safe environment where problem solving can take place. Topics of concern may include: friendship, grief, anger management, anxiety, family changes and school attendance.

Although we provide a multitude of services for students, intensive, long-term counseling is not available through the school counseling program.

B.A.R.K. Program

Sutherland also implements Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in students’ everyday learning.  Our PBIS theme is centered around the B.A.R.K. theme, which stands for:

B – Bring great behavior.

A – Always show accountability.

R – Respect yourself and others.

K – Kindness matters everyday.