PTO Fall Fundraiser

The PTO Fall Fundraiser is here! There selection this year is great! If you wish to donate and not purchase an item you can do that too. To shop or donate online follow the directions below. Thank you for supporting Sutherland Elementary School and helping us to reach our fundraiser goal!


To Shop/Donate Online:

Go to and click “Shop Now.”  A box will appear that will ask for a student code.  Click the “No student code? Click here” button.  Select “Virginia” as the state and begin typing “Sutherland” in the school.  The school name will appear.  Type in the student’s first and last name so they get credit and then click “Get Started.”  From there you can shop through the entire selection online and even donate if you wish not to purchase an item.  During the checkout process, you can opt to ship directly to your home or ship to the school.